Amir Zaidi
Last updated on May 19th, 2019

To see the Google News Feed on the left, and make full use of At A Glance, installing the Pixel Bridge is necessary. This is due to restrictions made by Google.

Installation instructions
1. Go to
2. Under assets, click on "pixelbridge.apk"
3. Let your phone download the apk file
4. Install the apk file when it finishes downloading
5. Long press the background on your home screen and go into "Home settings"
6a. Shade Launcher - Select Pixel Bridge as your "News feed"
6b. Rootless Pixel Launcher - Enable the "Display Google app" option

7. Go into your phone's security settings
8. Disable "installation from unknown sources" if you enabled it for the installation

Why do I need this?

My Rootless Pixel Launcher builds until version 3.7 included all the functionality in one app. However, this meant a Play Store release was impossible. If I wanted to make this possible, I had to follow Nova and Lawnchair and create my own additional app that would make it work. So I started programming, and created Pixel Bridge.
The technical details for why this additional app is necessary are interesting. The Google App creates and shows the Google News Feed used by launchers. Launchers can request the feed to show up and then the Google App acknowledges this request. Unfortunately, it only does this for system apps and debug apps. System apps require root to install, and debug apps are not allowed to be published on the Play Store. Therefore installing the apk from another website is the only solution. Previously my launcher took care of this on its own, but this got it temporarily banned from the Play Store by Google. Everything has been moved to this website since then, to prevent another suspension.

Help, I am getting an error!

Some people, like Pixel and Nokia users, might not be able to install this. They will get an "App not installed" error. This happens because these people already have the real Pixel Launcher or the Android One Launcher installed. These launchers conflict with my Pixel Bridge, and cannot be installed at the same time. My older versions of Rootless Pixel Launcher can also give this error on other devices. Make sure all third party Pixel Launchers are removed from your device before trying to install the Pixel Bridge.

Shade Launcher has support for other feed plugins too, in case Pixel Bridge does not install. When you use Shade, you can try installing "aidlbridge.apk" instead of "pixelbridge.apk" from the page linked above. This is a version that only handles the News Feed, so it does not cause conflicts like Pixel Bridge.

UNDOCurrently not supported